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    NT$950 $31.67 NT$300 $10 Estimate(USD):NT$950 $31.67 NT$300 $10

    CTM AAP-01 Ghost Ring – CNC Aluminum

    NT$1,480 $49.33 NT$1,200 $40 Estimate(USD):NT$1,480 $49.33 NT$1,200 $40

    CTM Sniper Rifle Jaw-Clamp – CNC Aluminum (Coming soon)

    NT$3,280 $109.33 NT$2,150 $71.67 Estimate(USD):NT$3,280 $109.33 NT$2,150 $71.67

    NT$2,480 $82.67 NT$1,280 $42.67 Estimate(USD):NT$2,480 $82.67 NT$1,280 $42.67

    CTM 14mm CCW To 16mm CW Pistol Adapter – STEEL

    NT$140 $4.67 Estimate(USD):NT$140 $4.67

    CTM 11MM TO 14MM CCW Pistol Adapter – STEEL

    NT$120 $4 Estimate(USD):NT$120 $4

    “Creative Thoughts Manufacturer創意思維生產家” is the brand I founded. Under this brand, in addition to recommended high-quality products, there will also be products developed by myself. These products will be the combination of years of experience and my enthusiasm in the airsoft. You can find all kinds of news & information on this page, including long-barrelled guns, handguns, tactical accessories, various parts, lighting & recording products and so on. This website also includes the news from my youtube and facebook pages which contain precious knowledge acquired through years of experience and testing, also with the help of a lot of suggestions and feedback. Eventually it will help more people to get the correct information and news about the airsoft. Of course, I will only recommend the useful products here, so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses while having fun.

    A倫 Aaron

    I have been interested in airsoft since 2015 and started sharing videos of the games at the end of 2017. Me playing with the sniper rifle was also one of the reasons why recording airsoft games became more and more popular in Taiwan. If the sniper rifle is tuned well, it gets the attention of the many viewers and impresses them more while watching the videos, which became the unique style of my channel. In 2019, because of the great support and encouragement of many friends and airsoft players, I decided to create my own brand and the website.

    In addition to them, I also appreciate the support and assistance from the team behind this. This website will continue to share news about my airsoft life and draw more new friends into the airsoft environment. In addition, it will also sell products developed by our team and high-quality products which I personally recommend.

    It has been more than 6 years since I met with the airsoft and various BB guns, personal equipment… etc. During this period, I constantly look for easy-to-use and high cost-performance ratio products which meet my needs.