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Abuot CTM

“Creative Thoughts Manufacturer創意思維生產家” is the brand I founded. Under this brand, in addition to recommended high-quality products, there will also be products developed by myself. These products will be the combination of years of experience and my enthusiasm in the airsoft. You can find all kinds of news & information on this page, including long-barrelled guns, handguns, tactical accessories, various parts, lighting & recording products and so on. This website also includes the news from my youtube and facebook pages which contain precious knowledge acquired through years of experience and testing, also with the help of a lot of suggestions and feedback. Eventually it will help more people to get the correct information and news about the airsoft. Of course, I will only recommend the useful products here, so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses while having fun.

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No. 312, Shixing Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County (Management desk pick up)

Business hours:24H