Shopping Notes

how to buy:

→ Customers who purchase for the first time can purchase products directly without joining a member, but remind you that if you want to check the order progress, you need to be a member before you can do the check.
→ Some products are too large to use the pick-up service in store. Please pay attention to the pick-up options in the product information when ordering products.
→ Customers who actively inform us that they want to cancel their orders, and customers who have not responded to the message for more than 60 days, will cancel your order, remind you that the cancelled order will be kept for one month, and the cancelled order will be deleted for more than one month. It is also no longer possible to query the records of the goods ordered in the cancelled order.
→ Join a member (you can check the progress of the order and enjoy activities such as giving gifts when the amount is full).
→ Purchase the quantity and color of the goods (if there are multiple orders, please pay attention to whether there are duplicate goods, remind you that the order cannot be changed, and the order content is mainly).
→ Make sure the amount and quantity are correct/shopping cart checkout.
→ Choose payment method and delivery method.
Delivery time → About 3-7 (excluding holidays) for goods in stock will be shipped. If there are many orders, it will be delayed to 3-10 days (excluding holidays). After the order status shows that it has been completed, the logistics delivery time will be about 3-6. Days (excluding holidays) to your designated store or address.
Delivery time → The pre-ordered goods will be shipped within 7-31 days (excluding holidays). After the order status shows that it has been completed, it will take about 3-6 days (excluding holidays) to deliver the goods to your designated store or address.

payment method:

→Payment methods include supermarket pick-up and payment, online credit card installment, online transfer, Paypal and Apple Pay.
→If the amount of a single order is less than RMB 3,000, you can choose the cash on delivery service. If the amount of a single order is more than RMB 3,000, you can transfer money before shipping. You can also choose online transfer, Paypal, Apple Pay credit card, ATM teller machine.
→If you choose “Cash on Delivery”, the delivery staff will collect the order payment from you when delivering the goods
→If you choose “Pay for home delivery/pickup at a supermarket”, you can choose from a credit card, ATM machine, or online ATM payment method. If you choose ATM transfer or online remittance, the payment must be completed within three days, otherwise the system will automatically Cancel the order.

Delivery Method:

→ Small items: 7-11/Family Family Super business pickup payment/pure pickup-shipping fee: 70 yuan
→ Medium-sized items: mailed to the home by the post office, payment for pickup/pure pickup-shipping fee: 80 yuan
→ Large items: send to the post office, payment for pick-up/pure pick-up-freight: 100 yuan

Order consolidation and freight calculation:

(Limited to a single order over 5,000 yuan, free shipping, less than 5,000 yuan, the shipping fee is 70/80/100 yuan depending on the large, medium and small size of the product) It should cooperate with the internal process and operate quickly and smoothly. After the establishment, no changes or changes can be made, other orders can not be combined and cannot be split and sent. The shipping fee is 70/80/100 yuan for one order, and the free shipping activity is limited to a single order of 5,000 yuan and free shipping. .

Pre-ordered products and out-of-stock products:

The pre-order time for basic goods is 7-21 days excluding holidays (if the goods are out of stock and need to be made, it will take a longer time to pre-order: about 7-31 days excluding holidays) We will send you additional goods immediately. Please don’t worry that we will postpone the delivery time. We also hope that customers will receive the goods as soon as possible.
*Unfortunately, we don’t want a product that is out of stock. If you have not paid for the goods, you will directly cancel the product and the amount. If you send money, you will ask whether you want to replace the product. Here to you. —Please pay attention to your mailbox and message when inquiring—


→ Those who have not gone to the supermarket to pick up the goods will be added to the blacklist immediately. If there are any temporary problems, we can be accommodated once in advance, and will not be added to the blacklist. If you need to re-send the second time due to personal factors, it depends on the size of the product. Small and medium-sized need to make up the freight 70/80/100 yuan to: bank code: 812 / bank account number: 20711000077205 / account name: Chen Guanzhi, please inform the assistant to do the second delivery after the remittance.

cancel order:

In order to have a more complete operation process, after the order content is confirmed, the order content cannot be changed (such as: additional purchase/cancellation of goods, change of style, size and color, etc.), and the payment method cannot be changed, as required by your order Do >>Cancel<<, please notify the need to cancel the order when the order status is >>Processing<<, if the system order status displays: >>Completed<< means the order has entered the shipping process, and nothing can be done Cancellations and changes.

Receipt of defective goods:

→Aaron must solemnly apologize to you if there is a major defect, and for the inconvenience caused to you, please forgive me. Please take a photo of the defective part first, and inquire at the communication section of the official website order or LINE and attach the defective picture (the upper right corner of the official website>Order number>Check>Seller and customer order communication), customer service will do the best for you的处理。 Treatment. The round-trip shipping is borne by CTM (the money will be returned together when the refund is processed).
→If you receive the wrong product, Aaron must solemnly apologize to you for the inconvenience caused. Please forgive me. Please check the goods in the package first, and confirm whether the product number and color are not consistent with your order details. If you are sure that you have received the wrong product, please refer to the return order return service process in the package to return the product. The round-trip shipping will be borne by CTM. (The money will be returned together when the refund is processed).


If you have any questions, please go to the homepage of the official website, join the helper’s LINE, or call the customer service number +886985898253, or you can write to the official CTM mailbox, Aaron will serve each A friend.